Fitting works

We have 20 years of experience in steel working. We are specialists in manufacturing of fitting and décor elements of a high-quality stainless and acid-resistant steel. The materials and technology we use guarantee durability of all our products; they are highly resistant to chemical factors and the weather. A high standard of performance is one of extinguishing features of our products.

We offer all range of railing, such as

–          Balcony (terrace)
–          Staircase
–          Access ramp
–          Handles

At client’s request we can make all kinds of trimming elements of acid-resistant steel, i.e. shells, handles, fastening, etc.

We also offer all types of entrance canopies. Such constructions are completely made of acid-resistant steel combined with glass or polycarbonate, according to the client’s objectives and design.

Moreover, we cooperate with many production plants, especially of food industry. Our offer includes a wide variety of acid-resistant-steel constructions, such as

–          tables made of acid-resistant steel
–          stainless steel platforms
–          conveyors
–          acid-resistant containers
–          stands of all sorts


We approach each client individually. Each item is performed to the client’s guidelines or on the grounds of a provided documentation.


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